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The role of steel plate pretreatment line

The role of steel plate pretreatment:

In order to fully utilize the protective and decorative effects of coatings on substrates, in addition to the quality of the coatings themselves, the surface treatment quality and construction level of the substrates directly affect the quality of the coating project. Practical experience has shown that most coating defects come from poor surface treatment, and no coating can perform at its best on poorly treated surfaces. Painting on surfaces with oxide skin, rust, and oil stains is a great waste of time and money. High quality surface treatment will prolong the service life of the coating.

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The surface treatment of steel plates before painting is divided into two stages:

After the steel plate enters the factory, the raw materials of the steel plate are first treated before processing to remove surface oxide skin and rust. After reaching the rust removal standard, temporary protective workshop primer is applied to ensure that the steel plate will not continue to corrode during the manufacturing process of components. This stage of steel plate treatment is called steel surface pretreatment, which has the advantages of convenient construction, ensuring painting quality, saving manpower and financial resources, and shortening the construction cycle of later painting. The other stage of treatment is the surface treatment of the steel that needs to be coated when the steel is processed into a workpiece and combined into a whole, which is called "secondary rust removal"

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Process of steel plate shot blasting pretreatment assembly line:

In the domestic shipbuilding, container, and large machinery industries, surface cleaning is generally carried out using the shot blasting machine on the steel plate pretreatment line equipment. Shot blasting is the process of using the centrifugal force generated by the impeller of the shot blasting machine during high-speed rotation to shoot the shot material (steel shot, steel wire segment, angular steel sand, etc.) at a high speed towards the surface of the steel to be treated, producing impact and grinding effects, removing the oxide skin and rust on the steel surface, exposing the metal color and presenting a certain roughness on the surface of the steel and iron, in order to facilitate the adhesion of the coating. 

There are generally two types of shot blasting pre-treatment assembly lines: one is the steel plate pre-treatment assembly line, and the other is the section steel pre-treatment assembly line. The working principles of the two are consistent. Shipyards, container factories, and large port machinery factories use the first method, while general steel structure factories use the second method. Both methods have the same purpose to ensure coating quality.

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