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The importance of rust removal, cleaning, and strengthening on the inner and outer walls of pipelines

Most oil and gas pipelines are located in complex soil environments, and the medium they transport is also highly corrosive. Therefore, both the inner and outer walls of the pipeline are highly likely to be corroded. So how much does pipeline corrosion pose a risk? Once the pipeline for transporting oil and gas is corroded and perforated, it can cause oil and gas leakage, not only interrupting transportation, but also polluting the environment, and even potentially causing fires, causing harm, public property damage, casualties, and other consequences. Therefore, pipeline anti-corrosion is particularly important.

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Oil and gas pipelines are the main transportation equipment for crude oil and petroleum products. Before being put into use, the inner and outer walls of oil pipelines need to be cleaned and strengthened. The shot blasting machine used in oil pipelines is currently only one of the more advanced equipment for cleaning and strengthening the inner and outer walls of pipelines. It can effectively remove the attachments on the inner and outer walls of pipelines, mainly including welding slag, welding spatter, soluble salts, grease, dirt, oxide skin, rust, and old paint coatings.

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Pipeline anti-corrosion refers to measures taken to slow down or prevent corrosion and deterioration of pipelines under the chemical and electrochemical effects of internal and external media, or metabolic activities of microorganisms. Protective techniques to prevent pipelines from being corroded by soil, air, and transport media (such as oil and natural gas).

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Characteristics of pipeline shot blasting machine:

1. Oil pipeline shot blast machine can clean the inner and outer walls of oil pipelines, so it is also called steel pipe inner wall shot blasting equipment and steel pipe outer wall shot blast equipment, but their unified professional name is "steel pipe shot blasting machine"

2. Thoroughly rust removed, achieving a smooth metal surface with a rust removal level of St2.

3. This type of shot blasting machines is equipped with a vacuum system, which works without dust and effectively removes oil stains, rust spots, scales, welding slag, burrs, etc.

4. Oil and natural gas pipelines that have undergone shot blasting and rust removal have a service life that is 3-5 times longer than other rust removal processes.

5. After shot blasting, the surface roughness of the inner and outer walls of the pipeline has reached Ry60-100 μ m.

6. Advanced technology is more effective than other pipeline rust removal solutions, not only saving time, but also saving labor intensity and costs.

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