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Working principle of bag type dust collector

Filtering principle: 

Dust containing gas enters through the air inlet, and when passing through the ash hopper, some large particles of dust in the gas are separated by inertia and gravity, and directly fall into the bottom of the ash hopper. Dust containing gas enters the filter bag filtration area of the middle box after passing through the ash hopper. The gas passes through the filter bag and the dust is trapped on the outer surface of the filter bag. The purified gas enters the upper box through the filter bag mouth and is then discharged through the air outlet.

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Ash cleaning principle: 

With the extension of filtration time, the dust layer on the filter bag continues to accumulate, and the resistance of the dust removal equipment continues to rise. When the resistance of the equipment rises to the set value, the ash cleaning device begins to clean the dust. Firstly, a chamber lifting valve is closed to cut off the filtered airflow, and then the electromagnetic pulse valve is opened. Compressed air rapidly expands in the upper chamber in a very short time, flowing into the filter bag, causing it to expand and deform, resulting in vibration. Under the action of reverse airflow erosion, the dust attached to the outer surface of the filter bag is peeled off and falls into the ash hopper. After the ash cleaning is completed, the electromagnetic pulse valve is closed, the lifting valve is opened, and the room returns to the filtering state. The cleaning process is carried out sequentially in each room, with one cleaning cycle from the first cleaning to the next cleaning.

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Dust collection: 

The dust intercepted through filtering and cleaning work falls into the ash hopper, and is then centrally discharged by the ash unloading device at the ash hopper mouth.

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The dust collector mainly consists of an upper box body, a middle box body, an ash hopper, an air inlet uniform flow pipe, a support filter bag and a spraying device, an ash unloading device, etc. Dust containing gas enters the ash hoppers of each compartment through the air inlet uniform flow pipe of the dust collector. Under the guidance of the ash hopper guide device, large particles of dust are separated and directly fall into the ash hopper, while finer dust evenly enters the middle box and adsorbs on the outer surface of the filter bag. Clean gas enters the upper box through the filter bag and is discharged into the atmosphere through various offline valves and exhaust pipes. As the filtration process progresses, the dust on the filter bag accumulates more and more. When the equipment resistance reaches the limited resistance value (usually set at 1500Pa), the ash cleaning control device automatically closes the one room offline valve according to the differential pressure setting value or the ash cleaning time setting value. Then, according to the set program, the electric control pulse valve is opened to stop the air blowing and use compressed air to instantly spray to increase the pressure inside the filter bag. The dust on the filter bag is shaken off (even fine dust can be thoroughly cleaned) and discharged into the ash hopper by the ash discharge mechanism.

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