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How to load and unload safely when using a hook-type shot blasting machine to clean larger workpieces?

When using a hook-type shot blasting machine for loading and unloading, the following safe operating steps need to be followed:

Hanging the workpiece (loading):

Lifting equipment selection: Select a suitable lifting equipment and ensure that its load capacity is sufficient to carry the weight of the workpiece. Use suitable hooks, chains, slings, etc. to ensure that they are strong and reliable.

Workpiece balance: Ensure that the center of gravity of the workpiece is uniform to avoid tilting or instability during hanging. For larger or irregularly shaped workpieces, use multi-point hanging or special lifting equipment to keep the workpiece balanced.

Pay attention to the position: When hanging the workpieces above the shot blasting machines, ensure that the operator and other personnel are not under the workpiece to prevent accidents.

Strictly abide by the load limit: Understand the load limit of the shot blasting machine and ensure that the weight of the workpiece does not exceed the maximum load allowed by the shot blasting machine.

Slow rise: When lifting the workpiece, use a slow speed to ensure that the workpiece is hung smoothly on the shot blasting machine.

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Unloading the workpiece:

Safe area: Set up a safe area and warning signs to ensure that no other people are standing or walking around when unloading to prevent accidental injuries.

Timely unloading: Make sure that after the shot blasting process, the workpiece is in a stable and safe position before unloading.

Slow descent: During the unloading process, use a slow speed to ensure that the workpiece is unloaded smoothly from the shot blast machine.

Use auxiliary tools: For larger or heavy workpieces, auxiliary tools such as cranes, forklifts or other handling equipment can be used to assist in unloading. Make sure that the operator is familiar with the use of these equipment and strictly follows the operating procedures.

Check the status of the workpiece: Before unloading, check whether the suspension device of the workpiece is firm to avoid any problems during the unloading process.

In summary, when hanging and unloading workpieces, it is necessary to strictly follow the operating procedures and safety precautions. Make sure that the operator receives professional training and understands the load limit and safe operating procedures of the shot blasting machine to ensure the safety of the workpiece and personnel.

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