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Name:Scraper Recycling Type Sand Blasting Room for Big Steel Structural Parts Cleaning

Product Description

Scraper Recycling Type Sand Blasting Room for Big Steel Structural Parts Cleaning

Product Description

Sand blasting room also called sand play room, suitable for large work piece surface cleaning, rust removal, increase the work piece and the adhesion between the coating effects, sandblasting room according to the abrasive way of recycling peening room is divided into: mechanical recycling type shot blasting room and artificial recovery type shot blasting room. The artificial recycling sandblasting room due to the economic and practical, simple, convenient, simple materials, greatly reduced the cost of sandblasting room cost, also accepted by many customers, especially small and medium-sized enterprises.

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Blasting chamber body is made of sandwich composite panels and rectangular steel frame, it is a strong, seal and spacious operation space to clean the workpiece. Blasting chamber is consist of body shell, left and right side wall, lateral wall, roof, rubber protection plate, etc. It is equipped with 40 LED lamps (all lamps are defended by stainless steel protective net), inner light brightness can achieve 600 Lux. The blasting chamber is protected by 4 mm white wear resistant rubber plate which has high wear resistant performance. This can prolong the service life, reduce noise. The door is manually door, on side of blasting chamber has one set of emergency door.


Blasting assembly is composed of 1 set 0.6 m3 sandblasting tank, sprayer pipe, jet nozzle and pneumatic components, etc. It is used for continuous operation with sand blast wheel, nozzle using boron carbide material, sprayer pipe is 20 m length, and the production of tank with pressure vessel certificate. Equipped 2 sets air conditioning protective clothing.


Abrasive circulation system including shot circulatory system and abrasive separation purification system, is made up by screw conveyor, bucket elevator, separator, abrasive supply valve, conveying shot tube, etc.


The sand blast room is composed of the blasting chamber, air blaster, Abrasive recovery system (scraper mechanical recycling way),screw conveyor, bucket elevator, air wash separator, abrasive feeding system, illumination system, dust collector, trolley system and electric control system. 

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The sandblasting room is a kind of nonstandard machine equipment and is suitable for surface and inner chamber of large structural parts, box castings, large castings, widely used in ship industrial, military and construction machinery , petrochemical machinery, hydraulic machinery and bridge components , machinery and other locomotives of large metal structures, suitable for sand-blasting and shot peening front surface coating strengthening treatment . 


Relying on compressed air as power source, the steel shots are accelerated by the blasting pot to spraying on the surface of work pieces to achieve the purpose of cleaning. After sandblasting able to completely remove the workpiece surface welding slag , rust , oxide skin , oil, etc. , to improve the surface adhesion of the coating to achieve long-term preservation purposes. Furthermore, for shot peening treatment, the surface stress of the workpiece can be eliminated to improve the strength of the workpiece


The right room size is dependent on the size of the largest workpiece you are trying to blast. The sand blasting room should be large enough to accommodate the largest workpiece and provide ample room for the blasting personnel to work. We recommend 1-1.5m of workspace around the blasting being blaster. We can customized the sandblasting booth according to the buyer's workpiece max length, width, height and weight.

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1. Blast Room Enclosure Size 

Enclosure size is determined by the size of the largest part that will be blasted. Standard sizes range from 8' by 8' square to 20' wide by 40' deep and up to 16' tall. Custom, larger sizes are available. 


2. Material Handling Method 

Parts are transported according to your plant operations and part specifications. Options for loading parts into the blast chamber include forklift, work car on rails, dedicated monorail or overhead crane.


3. Work Door Configuration

The type of doors is determined by the material handling method, part size, plant operations and

budget. Door options include: double swing doors, roll-up doors and sliding doors. Drive through

systems with doors on both ends are available. 


4. Abrasive Reclaim System 

The reclaim system is determined by the type of abrasive being used, (screw conveyor vs.vacuum

reclaim), your production requirements and budget. Full reclaim floors are more costly but provide continuous automatic recycling of abrasive. Partial reclaims and corner boxes require the operator to sweep the abrasive to the reclaim system. If your parts are to be handled by forklifts, the reclaim system must accommodate heavy floor loading. 


5. Control system

PLC control, Error warning system on abrasive circle system, any error come, ll the above work will stop automatic.Control function under Automatic control, hand controller and maintenance states will be control, so there are cascading protection feature among each process.


6. dust remove system

Abrator dust stream generated when working through the primary separator and connecting pipe, and then flow into the deposition of dust box, large particles are deposited, a small pipe into the dust and then by pulse jet bag filter. Emissions of dust concentration after not more than 80mg/m3, in line with the provisions of the National Environmental Protection Agency emission standards not higher than 120mg/m3.


7. Shot distributing system

This machine adopts the patented shot valve produced of our company; it can accumulate a certain time in blast-peening, through the manual control to provide the shot ball to the blast-peening device.


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