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Name:Automatic Shot Blasting Chamber Pneumatic Recovery Type Sandblasting Room

Product Description

Automatic Shot Blasting Chamber Pneumatic Recovery Type Sandblasting Room

Auto pneumatic conveying sand blasting room:

The shot absorbing floor of the pneumatic conveying sand blasting room is a honeycomb structure made of a series of metal steel plates after accurate calculation, and its thickness is generally between 350mm and 500mm. The whole equipment can be directly installed on the ground, and the falling pellets can be taken away by the air after sorting and recycling. The automatic pneumatic conveying sandblasting room adopts advanced shot absorbing floor technology. Because the honeycomb structure of the shot absorbing floor is distributed on the surface of the sandblasting premises and the working mode of up-draught and down-draught of the sandblasting chamber, uniform air flow is formed from top to bottom in the entire sandblasting booth, and the dust generated by shot blasting is effectively pressed below 0.5m on the ground surface. The sandblasting chamber produces a high clear visibility, and the striking effect of the worker on the workpiece is directly visible, thus improving the work efficiency of the worker.

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Product Description:

The fully automatic recycling blasting room is designed according to the production process and the characteristics of the product itself. It is suitable for surface descaling and rust removal of large casting forgings, welded steel structures, engineering machinery, industrial boilers, chemical machinery, shipbuilding and so on. Strengthen, improve the adhesion of paint and so on. Its structure and supporting equipment are mainly composed of six parts: shot blasting room, shot peening system, abrasive circulation system, ventilation and dust removal system, lighting and electrical control system.


Air Blast Room / Booth requires the operator is inside the room during the blasting process. Personal protective equipment protect the operator from abrasive / shot impact, and fresh air supply provides sufficient ventilation through the operator's helmet.


Air Blast Room / Booth are used for blast cleaning a wide range of parts or components which shapes and sizes requiring manual blasting. In combination with nozzle, sand blasting pot and control pannel, workpieces surfaces can be automatically processed and areas that are hard to access can be perfectly blast cleaned by operator. Thus, the flexibility is maintained whilst reducing the number of operators needed.   

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Sand Blasting Room Including:


1. Blasting Room Body

2. Sandblasting System

3. Abrasive Reclaiming System

4. Dust Collecting System

5. Workpiece Transportation System

6. Central Control System

7. Lighting System


Sand blasting room also called sand play room, suitable for large work piece surface cleaning, rust removal, increase the work piece and the adhesion between the coating effects, sand blasting room according to the abrasive way of recycling peening room is divided into: mechanical recycling type shot blasting room and artificial recovery type shot blasting room. The artificial recycling sandblasting chamber due to the economic and practical, simple, convenient, simple materials, greatly reduced the cost of sandblasting room cost, also accepted by many customers, especially small and medium-sized enterprises.

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Components and function

Sand blasting chamber mainly includes Blasting chamber, Shotblasting tank, Abrasive circulation system, Lighting system, 3D operating table, Dust Collector, Trolley system, Electric control system and other parts. The surface finish level can achieve Sa2.5.

Blasting chamber is made of sandwich composite panels and rectangular steel frame, it is a strong, seal and spacious operation space to clean the workpiece. Blasting chamber is consist of body shell, left and right side wall, lateral wall, roof, rubber protection plate, etc. It is equipped with 40 LED lamps (all lamps are defended by stainless steel protective net), inner light brightness can achieve 600 Lux. The blasting chamber is protected by 4 mm white wear resistant rubber plate which has high wear resistant performance. This can prolong the service life, reduce noise. The door is manually door, on side of blasting chamber has one set of emergency door.


Blasting assembly is composed of 1 set 0.6 m3 sandblasting tank, sprayer pipe, jet nozzle and pneumatic components, etc. It is used for continuous operation with sand blast wheel, nozzle using boron carbide material, sprayer pipe is 20 m length, and the production of tank with pressure vessel certificate. Equipped 2 sets air conditioning protective clothing.


Abrasive circulation system used materials circulation purification equipment including shot circulatory system and abrasive separation purification system,is made up by screw conveyor, bucket elevator, separator, abrasive supply valve, conveying shot tube, etc.

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