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Name:Mechanical Recycling Sandblasting Chamber Shot Blasting Room

Product Description

Mechanical Recycling Sandblasting Chamber Shot Blasting Room

Fully automatic mechanical recovery sandblasting room

A complete sandblasting chamber / shot blast room system consists of sandblasting /shot blasting room body, air source system, sandblasting / shot blast system, abrasive recovery and separation system, ventilation and dust removal system, workpiece conveying system, labor protection system, lighting system and electrical automatic control system;

Sandblasting room / shot blasting room is mainly used for surface sandblasting and shot blasting treatment of construction machinery, bridge steel structure, heavy machinery, containers, rolling stock, aerospace, petroleum and petrochemical, electric power, weapons and other industries. The company adopts advanced module design, factory prefabrication, on-site assembly.

The fully automatic mechanical conveying recovery of abrasives in the sandblast chamber / shot blast room changes the pneumatic conveying recovery method that has been used in the 1980s and 1990s. The method of mechanical transport recycling is more efficient, more environmentally friendly and less expensive to use.

Sandblast room / shot blast room process: workpiece inlet → sandblasting / shotblasting → recovery → screening → dust removal → workpiece out, the process can be automatically controlled.

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Sandblasting Chamber is mainly used for surface cleaning and strengthening of steel, castings, aluminum alloy parts and other parts. Through the shot blasting can remove the complex work piece surface contamination, the oxide skin, welding slag, the waste paint and so on, causes the work piece surface to be bright and clean, simultaneously reduce the work piece internal stress, enables the work piece surface to obtain the strengthening, thus achieves enhances the work piece surface and the intrinsic quality goal.  

The Sand Blasting Booth is ideal for the large-scale structures, widely used in blasting of hulls, stoves, boilers and wind power parts, etc. Large structures can move inside the Blast Room on work cars sliding on rails.

1. Sand blasting room main compositions

· Sand blasting chamber
· Abrasive Storage Hopper
· Sandblaster
· Bucket elevator
· Screw conveyor
· Elevator
· Separator
· Abrasive recycling system
· Lighting system
· Dust Collector
· Steel grating
· Trolley system
· Electric control system

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2. Structural characteristice

Sand blasting system

We fully take into account the operation convenience of the workers, specifically increased the sand blasting chamber operating space, set lighting system and platform, so that workers can operate convenient, effective and comprehensive.

Bucket Elevator
The bucket elevator consists of speed reducer, upper and lower rolling barrel, transmission rubber belt, bucket elevator, enclosure and tightening device, etc.

This shot blasting room adopts advanced Model BE full shutter type separator. The separator is mainly composed of airwash area, barrel sift, conveying screw, abrasive hopper, manual abrasive controlling valve.

Abrasive recycling system
This sand blasting room adopts the patented shot valve produced of our company; the sand blasting chamber can accumulate a certain time in blasting, through the manual control to provide the shot ball to the blasting device.

Dust removal system
This shot blasting chamber adopts Cartridge or bag type dust collector, is exhausted air produced during working. The dedusting efficiency is up to 99.6%, powder density is less than 100mg/m3,much stricter than the national standard.

Electric control system
Set shot ball circulatory failure alarm function, if any parts of the system fails, the above components automatically stop running, to prevent the shot ball stuck and burning power device.

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