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Name:Q32 Series Rubber Tumble Belt Shot Blasting Machine

Product Description

Q32 Series Rubber Tumble Belt Shot Blasting Machine

Q32 series rubber crawler shot blasting machine is a small cleaning equipment used for Descaling, oxide skin removal and surface strengthening of small and medium castings, forgings, stamps, non-ferrous metal castings, gears and springs. 

Q32 series tumblast shot blasting equipment mainly consists of cleaning chamber, blast wheel assembly, screw conveyor, elevator, separator, abrasive feeding system and dust collecting system.


Models: Q324, Q326, Q3210, QR3210 

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The working principle of the rubber belt shot blasting machines is that the specified number of workpieces are added into the blasting chamber. The door is closed. The machine is started and reverses. At the same time, the abrasives thrown at high speed by the blast wheel form a fan beam, which is evenly hit on the surface of workpieces to clean. The thrown abrasives and sand particles flow from the holes of rubber belt into the screw conveyor at the bottom and are sent into the bucket elevator through screw conveyor, lifted into the separator by the elevator. The dusty air is sucked into the dust collector by the fan and filted to become clean air, which is discharged into the atmosphere. The dust is blown into the dust box at the bottom of the dust collector, and the user can periodically remove it. The waste sand is discharged from the waste pipe and can be reused by the user. The mixture of the abrasive and sand is recycled into the blasting chamber by the recycling tube, and reused after separation by the separator. The layout of the blast wheel is simulated by the computer 3D design. The empty ejection is minimized, thereby maximizing the utilization of abrasives and reducing the wear on protective plates of blasting chamber.

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The tumble shot blast machines with rubber belt conveyor are employed for the surface treatment of batches of parts, loaded manually or automatically by means of a hydraulic skip loader.

Crawler belt shot blasting cheaning equipment widely used to clean small and medium castings, forgings, aluminum work pieces, stainless steel work pieces, etc.

The belt conveyor is made of wear-proof rubber or steel. Its rotation makes the parts tumbling, and by this movement the whole surfaces of the parts are exposed to the shots thrown by the turbines. 

The offloading of the parts is obtained by the rotation of the belt conveyor in the opposite sense. Parts can fall directly into the empty container or through an offloading belt or vibrating conveyor. 

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Advantages of Q32 series rubber tumble belt shot blasting machine

1) allows parts to be tumbled inside, ensuring even blast coverage of all surfaces. The belt is designed to offer excellent abrasion resistance, at the same time delivering high load capacities.
2) adjust blast wheel and belt speed based on the type of materials to be treated, our shot blasting systems ensure high performance.
3) With their combined forward/tumbling movement of the materials, the tumble belt shot blasting systems ensure considerable advantages in terms of finished appearance and shorter processing times.
4) It uses high speed cantilever centrifugal type turbine blast wheels, which highly improve cleaning effect and efficiency. All blast wheels are dynamic balance checked, which makes it has less vibration and noise.
5) Material of blades, abrasive distributor, and control cage is high chrome, which can be used over 500 hours. Another option isTaiwan made special material blades, which has 1000-1600 hours lifetime.
6) The tumble belt has rubber material and manganese steel.
7) Pulse jet bag type dust collector, dust remove efficiency is over 99%. Good for environmental protection. A cartridge type dust collector can control the dust concentration under 50 mg/m3.
8) Automatic loader for massive continuous production connected to a production line. (Optional)
9) Air cylinder driven door, easy operation and good sealing.

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