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Shot blasting process in the implementation of the road

With the development of our country in the field of highway maintenance, different functional laminate materials are gradually being used. Such as slurry sealing dust, micro-surface, asphalt recycled paint, color asphalt, etc., but all the pavement are faced with the original base surface of the problem. "Highway asphalt pavement construction technical specifications" JTJ032 Note: Cover construction must be sprayed before the adhesive layer of asphalt. Conditional, the spray of asphalt before the best use of mechanical hair to clean up.

In the past, the treatment of the old pavement was only for the cleaning, washing, and can not solve the fundamental grass-roots clean, a certain texture depth, friction coefficient, the old pavement crack exposure (in advance repair), as far as possible clearance of aggregate gap Of the debris, to avoid these problems of aggregate damage, so the urgent need for a process to solve these problems, the advent of blast technology just to provide solutions to these problems.

Asphalt pavement maintenance technology there are many, no matter what the conservation process, the interface is directly affect the quality of the final project quality. Eastsong Enterprise Limited bold innovation, through the improvement of road shot blasting machine, the success of the shot blasting process applied to the conservation of asphalt concrete pavement, the use of shot blasting machine treatment of asphalt pavement can significantly improve the cleanliness of the road and Friction coefficient, especially for the fog seal layer, lek regeneration, regeneration sealing layer of water conservation and other thin layer technology. The road surface shot blasting machine can completely remove the dead asphalt bonded on the surface aggregate, completely exposing the aggregate, get a clean, rough surface, shot blasting with excellent interface handling capacity, in the field of this highway has been better use.

The vast majority of our roads are asphalt pavement, so the conservation of asphalt pavement is even more important. Road shot blasting machine will be with the development of conservation technology continues to modern, intelligent and diversified direction of rapid development. The future, Shotblast treatment technology will have good social and economic benefits.
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