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Selection of sandblasting room

Selection of sandblasting room

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1. Through comprehensive analysis and comparison, select the abrasive recycling method to determine the type of sandblasting room to be built.

2. The structural forms of sandblasting rooms built indoors and outdoors are different. Those built indoors are generally made into a flat-roof structure, and there is no need to consider rainproofing and surrounding waterproofing and drainage issues; those built outdoors need to be considered into a slope-roofed structure. Rainproof and waterproof and drainage problems around the ground. Therefore, when customers inquire about the sandblasting room project, they must indicate whether it will be built indoors or outdoors.

3. The height of the sandblasting room built indoors must be taken into consideration. Generally, there are crane lifting equipment inside the workshop. The height of the sandblasting room and related equipment cannot hinder the normal operation of the crane. If necessary, a pit can be dug in the ground to lower the height of the equipment.

4. The power of sandblasting equipment is compressed air, and it is required to be cooled and dried compressed air that has been deoiled, dehumidified, and dried. Therefore, the supporting power facilities must consider air compressors, cold dryers, air storage tanks, air transportation pipelines, etc.

5. Sandblasting rooms generally need to build a foundation. At this time, you must pay attention to the moisture and waterproofing of the foundation. Especially in areas with heavy rain and shallow groundwater, waterproofing projects must be carried out.

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