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Name:GA736 Flexible Rapier Loom

Product Description

GA736 Flexural Rapier Loom

YS736 Flexeble Rapier Loom.jpg

USAGE:This loom is used to weave fabrics with crude fiber(cotton,wool,hemp,etc),chemical fiber,blending yarn,etc.Its performance is better than GA747 in weaving thick fabrics.

FEATURES: With stronger frames and improvement of the bearting-up and weft insertion devices on GA747,the speed of GA736 loom is higher and it can weave thicker fabrics than GA747,The detailt of special features and as followings
1.Adopt the four-links short-crank,shorten and strengthen the lay swords,so that the loom can produces stronger strength when it beats up and the speed is higher.
2.The new six-links weft insertion system replaces the old four-links weft insertion system.assuring the rapiers have enough time to finish weft transfer-insetrion to get handover to be stable.

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