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Name:GA768 - 180/200/230/250/280 (Computer) Towel Rapier Loom

Product Description

GA768 - 180/200/230/250/280 (Computer) Towel Rapier Loom

YS768 Rapier Loom.jpg

USE:This loom is used to weave all kinds of spiral satin or small jacquard satin towel for face/tea/bath and floor eic.with the material of cotton wool and blended yarns.
FEATURE:YS768 towel rapiel loom is our first geocration tower rapier loom.Its speed improved 30-40%than the shuttle Loom and the noise decreases 10-15dB.Automatically contorl the weft broken and warp broken.The warping machine complete wiht is is same wiht the shuttle loom.

Main technical parameter


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