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Name:High Speed Air Jet Loom ES910

Product Description

High Speed Air Jet Loom ES910 High Efficiency Textile Weaving  Machine

ES910 airjet loom is designed with the concept provide the high performance with economical price. It weaves high-quality fabric with lower cost, to realize the maximization of investment gains, to guarantee winning victory in the keen market competition marke competiton. This air jet loom advance designed using computer streamline analysis provedes stable insertion of welt yarns and reduced air consumption.

air jet power loom.jpg

Reed Width  (cm)



Crank Plain. Cam. Dobby. Jacquard

Speed (rpm/minute)


Weft/Warp Stop Motion

Electronic Control/ 6 Bar Warp Stop Motion.


2/4/6/8 nozzle option

Tuck In System

Without or With Tuck in  ( L+R or L+M+R).

Pick Finding System

Automatic Pick Finder

Weft Accumulator

2 ,4,6,8 PCS

Heald Frame

4/6/8/10 pcs

Warp Beam

Aluminum Dia 800mm (Or Dia 1000mm) Warp Beam Disk.

Take Up Motion

Mechanism Take Up or Electric Servo Motor Take Up System.
Max Roll Dia:600mm


Oil Bath Lubrication for main Drive parts with Centralized Lubrication system By Manual

Let Off Motion

Mechanism (Negative Type) or Electric Servo Motor Let off System(Positive Type).

Control Panel

LCD Control Panel/ Big Touch Screen/ ALL IN ONE Computer Control System/Monitoring

textile air loom.jpg

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