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Name:GA798 Flexible Rapier Loom

Product Description

GA798 Flexible Rapier Loom


With materials of cotton fiber, natural fiber, artificial fiber and decorative yarn (e.g. cotton, polyester, silk, wool, acrylic, rayons, nylon and fancy yarns), GA798 Flexible Fabrics Rapier Loom is mainly used to weave them into light, medium and heavy fabrics of 20-800g/sqm, such as decoration cloth, window screen, colour cloths, flax cloth, cotton cloth, chemical fibre cloth, etc. In addition, we achieved varied weft density weaving, and weft density is controllable 5~46 picks/cm.

Stable operation and easy maintenance, low noise, beautiful exterior, humanized control and operation system, fast reactive permanent super motor with low power consumption, good comprehensive performance ensure the safety and stabilization of the system.


Main Specification


 GA798 Flexible Fabrics Rapier Loom

Reed width (mm)

150,180, 200, 230, 280, 330.

Rotation speed

Designing speed 160~250rpm.

Weft insertion

160-180m/minby left and right flexible rapier band & head.

Warp beam dia.

Standard 600mm.

Cloth Roll Dia.

300mm, can match with big rolling cloth mechanism.

Weft feeder

FDP electronic weft accumulator.

Driving control

Rated 0.8~1.3kw main motor power, 3-phase line, 380v, 50hz;Electro-magnetic clutch brake unit.

Beat-up motion

Crankshaftweft insertion and beating-up.


Oiling pump, automatic oil for dobby.

Electric circuit

Standard modularization design, LED displays working condition.

Weft selection

4 or 6 colour driven by mechanical dobby weft selector.

Yarn range

Spun yarns: 500tex (1.2Ne)~5tex (120Ne); Filament yarns: 10dte(9td )~1650dte(1500Td).

Shedding motion

8 pieces heddle frame, mechanical dobby with max. 20 shafts automatic open, can match with big jacquard.

Let-off motion

Semi positive type mechanical let-off system controlled by feeder roller through linkages ensuring uniform warp beam tension.

Take-up motion

Continuous gapless take-up, adjustable according to weft density of the cloth by pick wheels.

Selvage formation

Mechanical selvage cutter, Leno selvedge. Temple: ring type copper cylinder with pin.

Stop motion

Warp yarn: separate electric automatic warp stop motions;Weft yarn: high-sensitivity piezoelectricity detector automatic stop. Stop display: 4-colour multi-function indication lamps.

Electronic control

Micro-computer functional automatic control system with memory cards, convenient and easy button operation, instant adjustment.

Overall size

450*250*260cm, 1.8~2.0 MTs.

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